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    If you want to read, watch or share something later then you can use Pockets curation tool. Key Features: Save articles, videos, web content.

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    Simple Link Directory Plugin

    Simple Link Directory is a unique solution to curate topic focused website link lists. You can create innovative and elegant Link, Resources or Partners page on your WordPress website in matter of minutes. Who is it for: Blogger, SEO specialist, Content Curator, Marketer, Webmaster

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    Do you need content curation or online content marketing software solutions? Yes!! You can use Curata. Key Features: Analyze marketing and sales pipeline impact, Streamline your content production process, Build a predictable content supply chain.

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    Infographics & elegant Lists are now easy to create with iList. Build HTML, Responsive infographics & simple Text or Image Lists quickly.Key Features: Lists are all dynamic and HTML, Responsive, Embeddable, People can vote for each individual Infographics, customizable for every aspect of colors and fonts.

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    ContentGems is a content discovery engine. Every day, it scans hundreds of thousands of articles from the best online sources and presents you a stream of relevant and timely content. Key Features: Content Discovery, Monitor and filter hundreds of thousands of new articles per day

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    By using Juxtapost you can save all the neat things you see while you browse the web. Share your fashion, design ideas and interests with friends and family. Key Features: You can save all the neat things you see while you browse the web, Share your fashion, design ideas and interests with friends and family. 

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    Kuratur is a WordPress plugin. By this plugin you can publish your own web magazine in minutes. Key Features: Have as many as 10 magazines at one time, or contact support if you need more, Supports Twitter, Facebook, and any blog that shares an RSS feed. Web Link:

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    Storify gives you the tools to create the best evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences. Key Features: Create, edit, publish from a single place, Drag and drop social content, Drag and drop to re-order, Add local photo and videos 

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    Tech-forward digital media agencies use Zemanta to power their programmatic-native advertising and content marketing. Key Features: Aggregates and indexes marketing content for multiple content ad formats, Expands content distribution efforts, Target your audience. 

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    Triberr is a biggest platform for bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers, and brands and agencies. Key Features: Suited to bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and brands and agencies, Helps brands find and connect with influencers through Influencer Marketing, a self-serve content curation and creation tool

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    By using elink you can curate & publish content in a min. elink is an all-in-one content curation tool that turns links and bookmarks into beautiful newsletters and web pages in minutes. Key Features: Fully responsive layouts, Save content in seconds, Edit in real-time, Robust analytics

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    Pearltrees is the content curation tool that organizes all of your interests and allows you to explore new collections based on your interests and to collaborate. Key Features: Organize, explore, and share web content,Access your account any time and share anything from your computer, smartphone, or tablet

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    Flipboard is a very popular content curation tool that serves as a social magazine. You can use this app for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows phone. Key Features: Collects high-quality content from trusted sources, Showcases content, including articles, videos, photos, and audio, and brands

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    Bundle Post

    Bundle Post is an another content curation tool. It can helps you to “discover, distribute, and promote in less time. Key Features:Manages curated posts from several sources easily, when you add any RSS feed, Google Alert, or other feed to the system Find, schedule, hashtag, and post curated content much more quickly 

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    LinkedIn SlideShare

    By LinkedIn SlideShare you can Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more. Key Features: Over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, making it one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world, Presentations, infographics, documents 

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    Collect relevant content easily. Use the full force of Paper.li to find and collect content that’s aligned with your audience’s interests. Key Features: Social Network content aggregation, Website (RSS) content aggregation, Manually add content on-the-fly with our bookmarklet 

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    Waywire Enterprise

    Embed hundreds of top-quality sources from trusted media makers – ready to enhance your site with topical, timely, contextually-relevant video. Key Features: Embed hundreds of top-quality sources from trusted media makers, Find, filter, and present content in an agile, html5, flexible environment 

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    Kapost provides the strongest [content marketing platform] offering for B2B marketers.” They got the best of Curata’s content curation tools and Kapost’s workflow and calendar options. Key Features: Add curated content pieces inside of Kapost and then edit them as you desire, Republish the newly curated content to the connections you have set up in Kapost 

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    Listly is the content curation tool for curating the web’s top social lists. Listly gives you the ability to find, create, curate, and share “beautiful and fun listicles” to increase audience engagement. Key Features: Chrome extension, WordPress plugin, and bookmarklet available, Collaboration features, Easily create and then make your lists social 

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    RebelMouse is a lLeading platform for organic, social growth. As the first Distributed Content Management System (DCMS). Key Features: For distributed content, not just websites and social properties, Efficiently and effectively publish content fit for the multi-channel, multi-device world 

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    Sniply adds your custom call-to-action to any page on the web, allowing you to engage your followers through every link you share. Key Features: Share other people’s content but bring them back to your own, Get more return on the links you share by attaching a message to the page itself 

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    You may have thought Themeefy was just for students and teachers, but its curation tools are for anyone who wants to curate, learn, and teach. Key Features: Browse content in the library and assemble by topic, Create projects easily, Compatible with mobile devices, Archive and share projects 

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    Post Planner

    The best content is the right content. Browse our recommended feeds based on your industry and interests. Discover new content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle by using our Post Planner Plugin. Key Features:Find all the content you need for any article, including photos, articles, status ideas, and more. 

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    Trapit increases sales revenue and brand reach by making it ridiculously easy for executives, salespeople, and other employees to engage in social selling and employee advocacy. Key Features: Combine branded content with content from more than 100,000 sources, including blogs, journals, magazines, news services, videos, and podcasts 

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    Quora is the place to get answers and knowledge, which makes it a great content curation tool. Key Features: Distributes quality content on nearly any topic from experts, authorities, and regular people with relevant knowledge, Gather knowledge and content from a number of sources

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    A content curation tool, ThingLink allows users to easily layer videos, images, web links, sound, text, and more web content to images and videos. Key Features: Create, share, engage, and measure interactive images and videos, Cross-platform solution and creative community for interactive media, Track content interaction 

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    Diigo typically is used for social bookmarking, but it allows organize your links, references and personal input to create a structured research base through Outliner. Key Features: Annotate web pages and PDFs directly as you browse online Organize links, references 

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    By using Scoop.it create and grow your online presence in minutes by publishing curated content. Save time producing and promoting content. Key Features: Conduct smart searches and discover quality content, organize, and propagate intelligence across the enterprise 

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    Symbalo – Create a place where all resources are easily accessible for everyone. Key Features: One homepage for the entire team, Organize & share all online resources, Accessible anywhere, on any device, Personalized resource management, Save time, increase focus and efficiency 

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    Bundlr is a content curation tool for discovering and bookmarking quality content. Content marketers create bundles of photos, videos, tweets, and documents and then share them. Key Features: Select photos, videos, tweets, presentations, or articles, Stay on top of the latest posts or breaking news articles that contain the content you need 

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    Pinterest helps users discover and save ideas for nearly any imaginable topic. It is an incredibly useful content curation tool. Key Features: Visual bookmarking tool that enables you to discover and save content and ideas, Pinterest Analytics, Promoted pins and rich pins 

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    Portent pull digital disciplines together, from SEO to PPC to Content Strategy, and make them work to build your brand, improve revenue, and meet your goals. Key Features: Simple to use – just enter your subject and the tool generates titles for you, Includes content strategy suggestions to help you continue to curate and create content 

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    DrumUp discovers and helps you share great content to your social media accounts. so you can start meaningful conversations with your followers. Key Features: Mines through content all across the web in real time and uses algorithms to recommend fresh, relevant stories, A smart workflow enables you to quickly review and publish posts to social media followers 

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    Delicious is a content curation tool that discovers, remembers, and highlights selected content from anywhere on the internet. Key Features: Remembers your content, Easily build a collection of links, basically creating your own personal search engine, Organize links quickly and easily and then find content quickly with smart search 

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    NetVibes is a content curation tool that offers real-time monitoring, social analytics, mobile alerts, and systems integration in one. Key Features: Monitor and analyze anything from your feed to Twitter, so you have insight into trends and influencers and can visualize social impacts 

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    IndividUrls lets you build your own custom news aggregator with content from the sites that you are interested in. Key Features: Clean, easy-to-use interface, Quick set-up, Feed categories and custom feed names, Continuous scroll rather than pagination, Easily add sites with the bookmarklet

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    The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content. Klout helps you do exactly that. Key Features: Clout Perks, exclusive rewards earned for the impact you have online, are available to Klout users, Identify, target, and engage top influencers and experts 

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    Hootsuite – Save time by managing all of your social media marketing efforts from a single dashboard. Key Features: Save time finding and automating content to publish, Measure your social media performance with analytics, Connect with more than 35 social networks 

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    HeadSlinger delivers “all the news, half the time” as a useful content curation tool. Key Features: Store your best news sources in quick, easy to find folders, Share your reading list, Free of ads 

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    PublishThis – Leading brands, agencies, and publishers use the industry’s most advanced content platform to grow audiences, increase loyalty, and drive their business. Key Features: Content IQ engine uses a semantic search and tagging technology to deliver the most relevant content, All content, including videos, blogs, and infographics, is organized in one place

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    Addict-o-matic – Sometimes, the key to great content curation is having easy access to the latest buzz on the hottest trending topics. Key Features: Personalize the search results dashboard and then bookmark the page for access to your personalized results dashboard every time, News page provides latest headlines on popular topics 

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    BuzzSumo, a content curation tool that offers “content marketing intelligence,” helps content marketeers curate content using the most shared content and influencer content for any topic or site. Key Features: Find the key influencers to promote your content, Analyze the content that performs best for any topic or competitor, Quickly determine which content works well in the industry 

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    ProtoPage is a start page and RSS reader that serves as a content curation tool because you select the blogs and news you want in your collection and it imports headlines from nearly any website. Key Features: Access from any PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone, Imports news headlines from nearly any website, Keep bookmarks, to-do-lists 

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    With Spundge, anyone in the financing industry can curate, create, and distribute content quickly and easily. Key Features: Discover, organize, and curate content using the most relevant content available, Add your knowledge and expertise to the content you curate, Set up content subscriptions quickly to begin monetizing your expertise 

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    A content curation platform for curating and creating sharable content, CLIPZINE helps you clip relevant content, style it with your own contributions. Key Features: Clipping and styling tools to create more creative content from others’ existing content, Share and reuse curated content, A variety of ways to share 

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    CurationSoft enables “content curation for any web platform.” An extremely popular, easy to use content curation tool, CurationSoft enables users to discover, review, and curate content in posts and publications. Key Features: Get results quickly and easily, Higher search engine rankings Curate content from Google blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter 

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    Feedly – The content you need to accelerate your research, marketing, and sales. Key Features: Get all of the latest stories from the publications you rely on and trust, Follow blogs from anywhere on the web, See new YouTube videos in the same place you read your news, Sort through more content in less time by organizing feeds into easy-to-read collections 

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    If This, Then That

    If This, Then That (IFTTT) is the content curation tool for getting as much relevant content from the web as possible. Key Features: Get creative control over your products and apps, Runs on recipes, or simple connections between products and apps

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