WordPress Block Theme

With the help of AI, get a Head Start with SEO in your new website or Blogging venture. An SEO optimized, Google page speed friendly, AI powered, Block Theme purpose-built for content generation!

Includes the SEO Help Pro plugin.
(Powered by OpenAI and Google AI)

SEO Help PRO – WordPress Block Theme

Theme - Feature Highlights

SEO Help Pro Plugin - included with the theme

SEO Help Pro Plugin - Features

OpenAI Powered Content Generator

  • Supports both Google AI (Palm engine used in Google BARD) and OpenAI (ChatGPT)
  • Turbo content generator – create unlimited articles with the click of a button
  • Generate Text Contents for your Blog with the Click of a Button
  • Generate Single Articles directly from your Blog post edit page
  • Generate BULK articles and schedule each article’s publish time
  • Select to auto publish or save in draft
  • Auto-summerize Blog Posts. Automatic content summarizer can be helpful for both your readers and SEO. It is automatically added to your contents and can make your content look fresh to Search Engines if you enable Generate multiple summaries and use them randomly.
  • Auto-summarize Posts, Pages and Woocommerce Products
  • Display summeries at top or bottom of the articles
  • Automatically Create and Insert AI Images inside your articles
  • Options to fine tune your articles (How many headings?, Heading Tag, Writing Style, Writing Tone, Image Size, Language, Add Image, Add Tagline, Add Introduction, Add Conclusion, Add Faq, Anchor Text, Target URL, Add Call-to-Action, Call-to-Action Position, Add Keywords, Keywords to Avoid, Make Keywords Bold etc.)
  • Collection of hundreds of ready Prompts for your ideas
  • Generate royalty free AI Images with many different options (Artist, Style, Photography, Lighting, Subject, Camera, Composition, Resolution, Color, Special Effects, Size9(up to 4K))
  • Save AI Generated images to Media Library with one click
  • AI Image Gutenberg Block. Create and Insert Image directly into your blog post
  • OpenAI playground
  • ChatGPT in WordPress backend
  • Scan for Broken Links on your website
  • Open External links in new window
SEO Features
  • Outputs all the essential meta tags that are essential for Search Engine Optimization
  • Meta tags can be set for each Post type
  • Configure Meta Tags Globally and Per Post basis
  • Generate and Add Meta Description with one click
  • Set the OGP information required for Social Networking Websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Customize the meta tag information individually for each post, page, and term.
  • Easily set the Google Analytics measurement code and Webmaster Tools verification code.
  • Works out of the box
SEO Optimized Images
  • Dynamically insert SEO-Friendly “alt” and “title” attributes to your images. Simply activate the plugin, provide the pattern, and you are ready to go.
  • Dynamically replaces the “alt” and “title” tags. It does not make any changes to the database. This means that if you deactivate the plugin, everything will return to the original settings.
  • Insert an image name, a post title and a post category in the “title” and “alt” attributes of the image.
No-Index Features
  • Easily add a meta-tag for robots noindex tags to parts of your WordPress site as necessary from a central location

    Pages and Posts

    • Front Page: Block the indexing of the website’s front page.
    • Home Page: Block the indexing of the website’s home page.
    • Page: Block the indexing of the site’s pages.
    • Privacy Policy Page: Block the indexing of the website’s privacy policy page.
    • Single Post: Block the indexing of a post on the site.


    • Categories: Block the indexing of the website categories. 
    • Tags: Block the indexing of the website’s tags. 


    • Date: Block the indexing based on any date-based archive pages.
    • Day, Month, Time, Year: Block the indexing for daily, monthly, by time, or yearly archive of the site.


    • Archive: Block the indexing of any type of Archive page. Category, Tag, Author and Date based pages etc. are all types of Archives. 
    • Author: Block the indexing of the author’s page, where the author’s publications appear.
    • Post Type Archive: Block the indexing of any post type page.

    Pagination and Search

    • Pagination: Block the indexing of the pagination, i.e. all pages other than the main page of an archive.
    • Search: Block the indexing of the internal search result pages.

    Attachments and Previews

    • Attachment: Block the indexing of an attachment document to a post or page. 
    • Customize Preview: Block the indexing when a content is being displayed in customize mode.
    • Preview: Block the indexing when a single post is being displayed in draft mode.

    Error Page

    • Error 404: This will cause an error page to be blocked from being indexed. As it is an error page, it should not be indexed.
Other Features
  • Works with all  >modern browsers
  • Priority, Premium Support
  • Auto Upgrades for Plugin

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SEO Help Theme PRO - Theme Screenshots

WordPress Block Theme

Theme Summary

WP Voice Pro is more than just an addon for contact form 7. Show a floating icon or standalone voice form on your pages so your users can leave a voice message with additional information easily. 

The pro version also saves all your contact form 7 submissions and voice messages in one place. Also, supports Voice message with Blog Comments, BBPress and Voice record with WooCommerce Product Reviews.